Monday, September 2, 2013

It's complicated

Why do certain relationship -of any kind- between two people have to be so complicated?

No matter how you turn it, no matter what kind of bond is there- you just can't get it right.
Is it a hint that you should just give up and avoid hurting each other in any way, by being just apart?
I don't believe the chick flick bullshit that is forced on women- and that we dispense to each other on a regular basis. Things like "...that's because you mean so much to each other" or "you're both so deep, it's inevitable to crash" or - that is the worse - that "you fight so much because you're so attracted".

That's nonsense.
If I like someone (being physically/romantically attracted, or just like someone as a person) I don't want to fight. I want to get along. To talk, to have a good time. Cupcakes and rainbows, give them to me.
[!!! This is very different from a healthy, intellectual, discussion !!!]
But sometimes is just so complicated.

Maybe it's me. Maybe I overthink things.
Ok, that's for sure. I overthink even my overthoughts.
But! There's more. There needs to be more; I need to have some kind of grounds to base my paranoia on.
The other person has to do something too.

So, we're back to the start- why do some relationships have to be so complicated?
And of course, they're always the ones you care more about. So that it hurts even more having screwed them up.


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