Sunday, February 9, 2014


...I am not good at this.
I honestly have no idea of what I'm doing. I'm slightly confused.

So, here's the deal: I do get casual sex, and I do get dating. Uhm. I ... I just don't know where am I? What are we doing? ....I suppose I know, deep down. I know it's just sex, which is fine. It is! Just... saying "I'll call you", and then you wait few days and then you do. "We should hangout sometime" "I'd like that". And now? What...? When? How?
I mean... do we meet up and go directly to my place? Do you actually want to hang out with me? Both are fine, I suppose. I just... don't know what are we up to. And I wish I did, it would make it easier for me.
Should we get to know each other - as in, talk? It would make it easier for me; but at the same time I don't want to jinx what we have, spoil it somehow -knowing you and get attached, or knowing you and not liking you anymore; then we'd lose the connection we have now. And, most importantly, the sex.

But can we talk about this? Should we, even?
I really don't want to bring it up, I don't want ... I don't want you to think that I think there's something more than you want to give me; because, really, there isn't. I'm not even sure I'd want it anyway.

I suppose I'll just wait, and see what happens. If you text me again, what to you want to do. How that goes.
It's just that... it annoys me so much the fact that I can't talk about this. Not even now, but in general.

Why is honesty such a drawback? Why do we have to conceal our thoughts and intentions behind a facade? Why can't I tell you "I want you" or "I want to see you again", "I like being around you" without having it mean more than it implies literally? Why even the most concrete thing has to be misinterpreted? Why do I have to get kicked in the teeth for speaking my mind?

I am not good at this, I am not used to this. I don't know how it works. Can't you just tell me? Why pretending? Let's just be open. What's the drawback? We'd both be happier about it, I know.

Maybe you're not like that, maybe you'll appreciate it. Maybe you won't deceive me.
But I don't know.
Everyone has done it so far, but I really can't bring myself to play that kind of games.
I am no good at them.
I'll show myself to you, as I am, naked - literally and figuratively. You can take me, as I am [literally and figuratively]. There's no need for deception, because I will give myself freely to you.
So don't play with me, please.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Call me maybe?

Finally, an happy post.
I have been neglecting this for a long, long time; and found my venting somewhere else [tumblr, anyone?].
But now...

Now I need to write it down, to scream from the rooftops just how happy I am, and even if I don't get the answers I wish for, I still have to ask the questions - to let them out and hope in cosmic signs that will mean something (an intrinsic human need, I am sure. Since prehistoric times people have been going to oracles and stuff to get answers and since it was kinda complicated, they stick to the serious stuff. But, I am sure, most of them just really wanted to ask "Does he/she like me?")
So... will he call me back?

Gosh, I hope so. He said so. And then... what does it mean? Nothing, really.
And yet...

It's so hard to form a connection, with anyone. Don't you wish to cling to it, whenever you do? How is it possible to feel so good, to have such a good time and now want to do it again?
At the same time, would I mind? Aren't all of human relationship a flimisical, poor thing? How do they even last? They don't mean anything at all.

I am caught between these two extremes and I don't know what to think.
I am happy, oh so happy - the happiness that comes after long pains is always the sweetest, like the water for a traveller in the desert.
I deserved it, and that it makes me so happy. I needed it so much, for so long. I wanted it [him] and I got it [him].
And it was just... perfect. It was!
It's all in the little details - it always is. Not because they mean anything but they give you an insight into a person, just like the smallest thing can just ...irk you and spoil the mood.

But I did - we did - have such a good time.
Kissing is, indeed, the cure for (almost) everything, and we did enough of that to cure even heartbreak (of course, the pain is not gone but well sedated. I have enough of my mind right now - and as I said recently, the balance has finally been tipped off on the positive side)

So, now I'm here and I'm trying to concentrate on my studies but the soreness of my lips (still) is a constant reminder of the day that just passed. The aching all over my body, that's also an aching of the soul - a profound desire to close (literally and figuratively) the bedroom doors and create a world that just our own, for just a little while; and forget all the pain and hurt that's going on.
To strip out of our clothes, and leave the fears and the insecurities, and the doubts; the mask that we wear everyday.
It's just and me and it's here and now.
It doesn't have to mean anything, it doesn't have to involve feelings (gods forbid!) but I can do it because I feel good around you, because you make me laugh and smile and I just like to walk naked around; because clothes are just unnecessary when you're there. Not to purposely turn you on, just because they're superfluous and I feel at ease enought (indeed, it would be striking the contrary, because I always do, but still) not to need them.
Just kiss me again and make me forget about everything. Let me sit on your lap and hold me close. Let's watch a movie and let's talk about it in bed. Let's roll in there, let's mess up my always-perfect-bedroom.
Let's just rejoyce in each other's company and body (and mind); because it's true that life goes on. It does; mindless of our pains and suffering and shouts of agony, it goes on and there's nothing that we can do to stop it.
But there are good things, in this life; and since we're not given a choice about living it, let's drink it to the fullest.

I'll celebrate those that are not longer here by drinking my glass empty.
You're here no more to do any of this, but I am; even if sometimes I wish I wasn't - and it's my duty to you to keep on walking with my head high and a smile on my lips. I owe you.
And maybe, for a little while, there will be someone beside me, holding my hand (we sure did plenty of that too).

Monday, September 23, 2013


For some reason, lately I think about you all the time.
About what had been, between us. 

In a way, this is extremely frustrating. Because of what was, and of course will never be again; and I don't even know why I should dwell on it in this manner, but I can't help it.
And then, because I don't understand:
what we had - whatever little it was - it's over now, and I'm content with that. I am honest when I say that I'm more satisfied in being your friend than else. But the memories haunt me.
Why is that? Why do they have to come back to me in such a vivid manner?

...the way I rested my head against your shoulder and chest the night we met. The way you hold me close, and your straying hand on my backside; enough to make me quiver. Finally kissing you, and it was like drinking fresh water in the desert. The way you kissed my neck and my brain shut down completely. Chatting side by side on a bench and you kissing the top of my head. The smile you had when you saw me arrive.

See, it wasn't much - it has been only a couple of weeks and brief encounters. Nothing significant.
But I've been thinking, lately; that of all the guys I've been with, you're the only one I wanted to be with in that moment. I kissed them all, but you had been the only one I had wanted to kiss before it happened.

But I don't want to mourn over the loss of something; because I don't think I've "lost" anything. I had something, I had you - for those, brief, moments; and that's something I never thought I could - and as such I intend to treasure it. Without pain, though; and sadness.
But I really don't understand why I can't seem to let it go, why these reminescences have to haunt me - because they still have the power to stir me deeply.

I want to move on - and find someone that deserves me. Just let me go now. 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Now I can breathe again

 I am just so happy

Happy that we talked, happy that is was you to make the first move.
You must have noticed how awkward and stiff and uncomfortable I was when I came to talk to you - although I did, and I hugged you and told you "I am here to make conversation!", just like you accused me last time of not doing. Then you just stood there, and talked to someone else while I was waiting for my drink; and I even made sure you were busy so I could not be scolded again. And I told you I was leaving. And when you came at the table, we basically ignored each other- or maybe it was a careful thread around each other...? Sure that's how I pictured the whole night - and the future of our possible interactions - would be (basically, a nightmare).
Instead, the first thing you said when we were left alone was "Let's start again fresh. Let's not mention what happened, I have been honestly too busy and too tired to say anything; but's let's give ourself a fresh start."
It felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders, I had to hug you for the relief. I don't care about "fault" and "responsibilities"; all I care is that this is past us.

I thought all this was lost forever, I thought you were lost forever and you didn't care - you told me quite literally this is not the case - and we could not be friends and that broke my heart.
It did. I don't care that we'll never be anything more, because that's not what I want anyway; but to lose you like that...

Instead, I (we) are given a new chance. It is priceless. The relief is indeed overwhelming. It feels like I can breathe again.
Also because I didn't expect it, let alone coming from you- having you say "There's something wrong, let's fix it"; and this makes it all more valuable.

Now, if I could just get over the fact that you're still screwing that little bitch; and never wanted to sleep with me...

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Give me love

I've always valued my indipendence more than anything.
I hate feeling restricted, depending on someone else (for anything - for my happines, to have something done... really anything). I've always thought, I'd be better off by myself than with someone I don't want to be. That relationships should not be entered lightly and you should really be with someone you want to be with, not having a couple life just out of habit. Because, honestly; of course you get attached to someone with whom you share your daily life with, that you hear from everyday and exchange physical affections - up to and including, but not only, sexual intercourse - and share your free times and holidays with. I always say, it's like sleeping with your pet- you get attached to a hamster too, if you have it around it everyday and you don't detest it.

I stand by all this. I haven't changed my mind and - goodness! - certainly I don't want to settle. I never liked second bestes, for me it's always been all or nothing. I want what I want; and if I can't have it, I'd rather not have anything at all than settling for something that just won't do.
That's who I am, that's how I'm done; and - to be honest - I am quite proud of it too.
There are so many in betweens.
There's the aching in your loins and your lips those days you just really want to kiss someone.
There's those days when nothing seems to go your way, and you just wish you had someone to call.
There's the bewinderment when you wake up in the middle of the night and you're alone in your bed; or in the morning when you open your eyes and you just wish, with all your might, just for few seconds, that there was someone resting the head on the pillow next to yours.
There's the coming home late at night, sore and tired; when you crawl under your blankets and you would want to have someone to hold you close, and fall asleep to the sound of their breath.
There's the times you go to the movies alone, and walk in the park with the colours of the autumn all around you, and the falling leaves; and no one to hold your hand.

And it's great that you can close the door behind you, and no one will come knocking and bother you. That you don't have to share those popcorn at the movies, or fight about just which one to go to anyway. The freedom to just shut off your phone and have no one panic because you don't answer. The luxurious joy of just spreading your limbs and stretch like a cat in that bed of yours; and not having to fight for space.
All this is amazing. Don't get me wrong, I love it.
And usually the times when I enjoy and treasure all this are many more than the occasional pang of solitude. All in all I am happy.

But can you honesly, entirely be happy of a choice that's not yours?
Yes, I value my freedom and indipendence and all that; but sometimes it would be nice to have someone knocking on that door, or turning on the phone and find five missed calls.
Because it would mean that someone cared enough.

And although things are so much better lately, and I've had more in these past few months that I've experienced in my whole life, even if I feel confident and attractive, and I know how to have a good time without regrets, even if I've ticked off some "I'd like to do this" from my list

I still feel like I am on the edge of a cliff and I am reaching out, and there's no one there to grab my hand.
And it gets so tiring, and I am afraid I will end up letting go or just turning around and not looking back- close inside myself and just "fuck everyone". And this scares me, because I've been there before - and it was a dark, dangerous path; and I don't even know how I get through it, so I don't know if I'll be able to do it once again.
And it feels like I am here, with my heart wide open and no-one will take it.
More, I feel completely alienated because sometimes I don't seem to feel what others feel; or I just frequent people with such different sensitivities than mine that I could come from a different planet.

And I'm not ashamed - for no one should ever be of one's emotions or ways of feeling - but I swears it makes me wondering
Is there something wrong with me?
Because everything I touch seems to turn to dust, and I keep on caring for people that clearly don't do the same for me
and I don't seem to be ever able to keep anyone around. 
And it doesn't matter if it's someone I want or not [bear with me for a second here] because at least it would mean that there's something, in me, worth loving.
We all want to be loved.  It means that we're worth it. I need to feel worthy of someone's love

And I want to be adored, and cherished. I want someone to feel enchanted by me, by the way I smile and the passion I put into things. That will forgive my insane attachement to fictional characters, and to share my passions for books and movies and baking and horse riding and travelling.
Someone that will caress my hair and kiss my neck. To hold my hand and stroke my back. To trace with his fingers every freckle and birthmark on my skin (and there's a lot of them). To marvel at the texture of it, and to hug me close. To rest his head on my chest and having him offer his shoulder to cry and/or sleep on.

I want to feel desired, and take his breath away when I take off my clothes. I want to be undressed and desired so intensly it hurts.

Given my more than strict requirements about being in a relationship [see above] I could settle for having this for at least one night.
But then he wouldn't call back, and I'd feel the emptiness even more.

 What's wrong with me?!


Envy is the worst poison

They say it's jealousy, but to my it's evny.
Because then you don't even enjoy what you have, and feel miserable about other people that don't share your life anyway; they're on a different path, doing different things. You should never compare yourself to others.
I know it get said a lot, but it's so true.

And when you envy someone that's your friend, that's the worse.

I feel the worst person ever today, I swear.

I know it's mean and wrong and I just shouldn't do, because it's unfair too
but I am envying my friend. And it hurts and sucks and I feel all the worse because you shouldn't feel this way about your  friends.

Thing is, I am happy for her. I really, really am. She deserves all the good that she can get, because she's an amazing person.

But I can't help but feeling

her and not me? Is there something wrong in me, or in what I am doing? Why can't I get that too?"

and I know that's not the way it works; and probably she envies (or not, because she's a better person that I am) things I have - a place to call mine, more security, an healthy brother - but it's so frustrating because it's like she doesn't even care.
No, that's not true.
But what she has, I have been wanting it so badly and sometimes it just feels like everything I thouch crumbles and breaks.

And it doesn't matter that I made out with a guy last week and it was great, he's never going to call again; and she always manages to have the sickingly sweet encounters, where they hold hands and talk all the time, and become FB friends and hear from each other - and I just seem to be able to kiss them and send them away and it's like "what do I do wrong?"

And sometimes loneliness catches up with me and it's like a beast hunting you; sometimes you feel okay for a while, but it's always only a patch and it's never going to fix it, because it's rooted so deeply down in you that you feel like you are never going to get rid of it.

And I just want someone to hold me close at night, and not to wake up alone in my bed everymorning.
I don't even want this on a regular basis; but at least once in my life, please.

And whenever I try to explain how I'm feeling, it's like no one feels the way I do then (of course) I start wondering if maybe it's me, maybe my way of feeling is so alien that that's what drieves people away.

And I know that one should stay true to his/herself and I do, I swear I do - I've been doing it these past 27 years, it's not like I am giving up now;
but I swear I just want some comfort and know that's ok; that's going to be okay, that I am safe and I will make it thought this too.

I want to know that I am loveable and worth caring for. Desireable.

I just want to cry now, but the tears won't come. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

It's complicated

Why do certain relationship -of any kind- between two people have to be so complicated?

No matter how you turn it, no matter what kind of bond is there- you just can't get it right.
Is it a hint that you should just give up and avoid hurting each other in any way, by being just apart?
I don't believe the chick flick bullshit that is forced on women- and that we dispense to each other on a regular basis. Things like "...that's because you mean so much to each other" or "you're both so deep, it's inevitable to crash" or - that is the worse - that "you fight so much because you're so attracted".

That's nonsense.
If I like someone (being physically/romantically attracted, or just like someone as a person) I don't want to fight. I want to get along. To talk, to have a good time. Cupcakes and rainbows, give them to me.
[!!! This is very different from a healthy, intellectual, discussion !!!]
But sometimes is just so complicated.

Maybe it's me. Maybe I overthink things.
Ok, that's for sure. I overthink even my overthoughts.
But! There's more. There needs to be more; I need to have some kind of grounds to base my paranoia on.
The other person has to do something too.

So, we're back to the start- why do some relationships have to be so complicated?
And of course, they're always the ones you care more about. So that it hurts even more having screwed them up.